Vice President - Award Software

Vice President, Research and Development (1/98 to 9/98)

Vice President, Engineering (7/95 to 1/98)

Led the team that planned and developed all of the new product lines. Prepared the company for the IPO in October 1996. Together with the CEO and CFO I did the IPO road show. Conceived, designed, and developed the company’s WWWAccess product line, which is a suite of products to enable our customers to rapidly deploy Internet appliances. Led the team that invented, designed, and helped to develop the Preboot Manager product line, now under patent protection. I helped conceive and negotiate with AMD and National Semiconductor the “most favored BIOS” contracts that we publicly announced with them. I helped evaluate and negotiate the purchase of a software company. Award Software and Phoenix Technologies entered into a definite merger agreement in April 1998, and the merger was final in September 1998.