Director of Software - Philips Semiconductor

Director, Software Development, Emerging Businesses Business Unit (10/00 to 2/01)

In this position I evaluated numerous business opportunities, negotiated a contract with Microsoft, and helped to start new businesses. I also helped to write a business plan for a new business (Weblink), and helped to evaluate business partners for Philips.

Worldwide Director of Software, PL Software, Business Line Networking (9/98 to 10/00)

I started their first “software only” product line. Developed software for the 1394, USB and RF product lines. Grew the team to 19 people. Started a 1394 stack project, HAVi project, 5C project, USB Host Project, and Wireless 1394 project. The USB Host stack is shipping to customers, the 1394 project is being deployed for our first customer, and the wireless 1394 project is under design. Licensed key technology from 3rd. parties (both internal and external to Philips) as they were needed. I managed development teams in Bangalore, India, and Southampton, England, as well as California.