New embedded product capabilities to connect to the Amazon Web Services Cloud

March 10, 2016

Maurice Bizzarri of Bizzarri Software today announced a new product line (off-the-shelf hardware and custom software) that allows direct connection of an embedded system running Linux on an ARM board to the Amazon cloud.

Bizzarri Software can offer off-the-shelf ARM boards (from a hardware partner) running Linux with software that connect directly to the Amazon Cloud. By porting the entire Amazon C++ SDK, this capability is available directly without any intermediate servers or solution. You can connect directly to Amazon S3 or DynamoDb. Capabilities include use of Cognito for authentication of IoT devices, and a simple security architecture which prevents wholesale breech of network attacks. Any capability that is available in AWS is now available in your embedded device.

We also offer complete hardware development and mechanical engineering services in conjunction with our very experienced and capable partners here in Silicon Valley

For more information, please contact Maurice Bizzarri (text or voice) at: +1.650.575.3694 or find my email address in the next section, protected by ReCaptcha.

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