Stephen Bizzarri's Resume

Stephen (Steve) Bizzarri is an experienced Senior Network Engineer looking for his next opportunity.  Attached to this page is his full resume. Please contact him directly.  

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Stephen Bizzarri
(650) 387-5803

● Network Infrastructure design, architecture, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring across technologies from Cisco CatOS, Cisco IOS, and Nexus
● Route/Switch Specialist including OSPF/EIGRP/BGP/Static routing and L2/L3 developments including VLANs, VRFs, NAT, PAT, DHCP, private and public subnetting and IP allocation.
● Network Hardware Configuration and deployment including initial set up, OS updates, rack planning and management, cable management, and device installation.
● Network Security expertise across Juniper, SonicWall, Palo Alto, and other Firewall technologies.
● Extensive Firewall traffic flow experience tailoring rules and access lists to fine tune security and usability


Steward Health Care – Remote
Sr. Network Engineer
October 2019 – Present
● Designed and implemented 50+ LPO, VPC, and AAEP configurations for a two pod ACI environment.
● Worked with various departments to troubleshoot and improve existing server/ACI configurations for optimal service efficiency
● Review the designs for and built configurations for the integration of a third ACI pod into an existing two pod ACI environment
● Created configurations for OSP interconnect enabling internal access to core services between two merging corporate environments utilizing NAT and Redistribution solutions.
● Administered and Maintained about 300 VIPs for various applications, primarily HTTPS
● Upgraded and maintained private BGP network spanning 20+ offices and hospitals using traffic prioritization and route shaping to ensure efficiency and reduce latency for nationwide connections.
● Utilized VRFs, route leaking, and NAT solutions to integrate and onboard legacy and acquired services to prevent conflicts and secure access.
● Completed intensive clean up and streamlining of Infoblox DHCP and IP management tools to reduce IPV4 waste and intelligently distribute subnets
● Configured Infoblox Grid Manager and QIP for IPAM, DNS and DHCP according to enterprise standards

Brooks Automation – Chelmsford, MA
Sr. Network Engineer
November 2018 – October 2019
● Configured, installed, and maintained Cisco Catalyst OS and IOS products, on site and remotely
● Full ownership of Cisco Meraki Aps including deployment, positioning, network and SSID configuration and management
● Juniper ScreenOS deployment, monitoring and maintenance.
● Deployment and maintenance of a global site to site VPN interlink including best practice audits and wall to wall rebuilds
● Generated custom TCP profile to increase default timeout from 5 minutes to 60 minutes
● Utilized Infoblox grid manager to facilitate IPAM, DNS record updates and DHCP scope updates
● Enabled user information in Application Command Center and reports by leveraging Palo Alto User-ID
● Utilize SolarWinds network monitoring tool for proactive warning of any issues with network nodes
● Used SolarWinds KIWI Syslog Server to monitor and maintain all LAN based devices in the Client’s North American sector and performed troubleshooting to resolve all issues
● Experience with both static and dynamic routing protocols including a static route mesh network and dynamic protocols such as OSPF, BGP and EIGRP

Steward Health Care – Dorchester, MA
Sr. Network Engineer
May 2018 – November 2018
● Performed on-going network maintenance, analysis and improvement duties including; hardware upgrades/refreshes, infrastructure expansions, configuration change controls, and design/architecture
● Upgraded the design and efficiency of a private BGP network spanning between Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida
● Configuration and implementation of over 300+ Client/Server SSL Profiles on F5 LTM for mutual authentication
● Maintained a two pod ACI environment including training staff on the general functionality, uses, maintenance, and upgrade process
● Designed and developed a BGP interconnection between two large multi-state independent BGP networks
● Designed, configured, and led the deployment of Catalyst 9500 and 9300 devices within the corporate environment
● Transitioned Microsoft DHCP and DNS configuration standards to Infoblox and implemented DHCP scopes/options and DNS A records, CNAMEs, MX records etc. via grid manager
● Worked with server teams issue them subnets of varying sizes using QIP and Infoblox
● As part of network hardware refresh, analyzed WAN circuit utilization to identify locations requiring circuit re-sizing
● Utilized Cisco NAM-2’s, SolarWinds Orion and NetFlow collection to proactively monitor and troubleshoot the network
● Utilized SolarWinds Orion network tools to pro-actively identifying network problems
● Integrated with several distinct teams to ensure a enterprise wide site build out was completed successfully

United Airlines – Elk Grove, IL
Sr. Network Engineer
July 2017 – May 2018
● Migrated a legacy 6500 core to a Nexus 7010 core / 5548 distribution / 2248 as TOR solution with VPCs
● Deploying and decommission of VLANs on core ASR 1K, Nexus 7K, 5K and its downstream devices
● Designed and implemented Cisco Fabric Path design consisting of 20 nodes across 4 spines and 8 leaf pairs with over 80 Nexus 2K Fabric Extenders
● Utilized the Palo Alto migration to aid the transition away from older Checkpoint firewalls to Palo Alto 3060s and 5050s
● Implemented a private cloud with a Palo Alto Wildfire appliance for compliance with privacy standards
● Utilized Palo Alto Wildfire for threat prevention from malware and exploit activity
● Designed/configured/implemented Cisco ASA and router site to site IPSEC VPNs to connect to CUCM
● Utilized Wireshark packet sniffer and SolarWinds to test network performance
● Utilized Infoblox IPAM as a replacement to companies pre-existing IP Address Management Solution
● Management of both public and private IP space using Infoblox IPAM


Palo Alto High School
Foothill College
Aston Technologies Network Engineer Training

References available upon request.