Independent Consultant - Bizzarri Software

I was an independent consultant for these years (2001-2012) working on the following projects:

8/2003 to 3/2006 – Rapattoni Lock Box Project. I worked exclusively on this electronic lock box for the real estate industry, including initial research and writing the first specification. I participated in the selection of the vendors for this project, and assisted with the initial hardware specification and product design. I wrote the initial bring up software and helped debug the hardware. I supervised the writing of the production code for the lockbox, based on my software for the hardware bring up. I wrote the manufacturing software and flew to China to install the manufacturing diagnostic system. The software was written in C and C++ for the Atmel 8051 micro. The manufacturing diagnostic system was written in C/C++ and also included an extensive script that downloaded manufacturing information from the factory every day to the US. I supervised the smart card ICs used in this product, including writing the specification for their manufacture at Atmel.

3/2006 to 11/2008 – Real D 3D system for movie theatres. I completely rewrote the firmware for the Real D 3D movie adapters during this period, which included their initial roll out of 2000 theatres worldwide. The rewrite included two variants of the firmware, one for movie production and one for movie theatre shows. The software included a complete rewrite of the human interface, which is an embedded web based interface. The interface was made to be compliant to W3 standards to insure cross browser compatibility. Software was C/C++ and used the Zilog Z180 and their RTOS.

3/2007 to 7/2008 – ZigBee Gap Pod project. I wrote the Windows C++ and embedded software for both the PC based real time display system and the wireless (ZigBee) “pods” that were used to measure the gap between the LCD glass and the “shower head” in a very large LCD sputtering machine for a major semiconductor company. I also did hardware bring up and diagnostics. The pods used an Atmel 8051 class processor and the PC based software used Visual Studio 2005 C++.

10/2007 to 3/2008 This project was a RET (remote electronic tilt) system for a cellular antenna. I wrote the embedded software (in C) for the actual tilt mechanism on the tower and the human interface using an embedded web server on the Z180 based controller (embedded C).

3/2008 to 6/2008 - Worked on a prototype medical device for a confidential client. Enabled the testing of the mechanical design and the very precise check out of this positioning stage through embedded software in an Atmel AVR reference design board.

3/2009 to 3/2010 - Rebuilt a E-Commerce web site. Basically all the aspects of this site were rewritten, including adding seamless support for smartphone and tablet devices

10/2009 to 1/2010 - IPTV project. Worked on an early IPTV project using Intel based motherboard architectures for a small company (no longer in existence).

2/2010 to 4/2010 - Ultrasonic transducer for the food industry - Helped design a 4KW ultrasonic food processing system for a client company in Australia. Sourced all the parts necessary for the equipment (IP66 or IP67 or better), qualified the vendors, and did the MTBF analysis to meet the 50K hour MTBF requirement of the client

11/2011 to 2/2012 - worked on a prototype medical stage positioning project. This project turned the movements of a joystick into large gross and fine movement of a very large motor stage

1/2012 to 6/2012 - Cobalt Labs - Worked on a IPTV project for this company as a consultant before I became a full time employee in June of 2012

Other projects included a touchless mouse (used body capacitance to sense position of a hand in 2D space). This project translated the hand movements to mouse movements - the demo model was usable on any system that supported a standard USB mouse.