Here's a list of a few of the web sites that I am currently maintaining and have designed and/or implemented.

Charleston Cleaners

Charleston Cleaners
An example of one of the small sites I have done, this site was done in Drupal and hosted on my server. It uses a lot of the latest SEO techniques including extensive metadata and microdata. For an example of what you can do, Google "Charleston Cleaners" and see the layout of the Google page. Notice the layout on the right. If you Google "Palo Alto Dry Cleaners" (the target audience) they usually show up on the first page. We spend a small amount of money each month on Adwords to promote the site.

Merola Opera Spring Benefit Gala

Merola Opera Spring Benefit Auction Catalog
I do this web site for my favorite educational charity. I designed it and maintain it. The staff of the organization populates each year with the catalog items. The "wish list" feature is a custom Drupal module I did for them.

South Beach Safety

South Beach Safety is an ad hoc web site that promotes "best safety practices" and is a general disaster guide to the South Beach area of San Francisco, CA. I implemented the web site and put the initial content pages up with a lot of input from the other members of the team. The content is mostly maintained by the team at this point although I make sure the software stays up to date.