Bizzarri Software - Announcing AWS IAM solutions for embedded devices

Securely connect your Raspberry Pi (or any other Linux device) to the Amazon Web Services Cloud

June, 2018

Bizzarri Software today announces a secure system to connect the Raspberry Pi (or any full stack Linux IoT device) to the Amazon AWS cloud.

Bizzarri Software has implemented a system for the Raspberry Pi that enables you to securely authenticate and identify a Raspberry Pi to the Amazon cloud. Using Aws Cognito and implementing mutual authentication using 2048 bit RSA keys, this is a "state of the art" zero trust system (without adding additional hardware on the Raspberry Pi) for IAM services.

The system is implemented in AWS Lambda and utilizes DynamoDb, both of which can be scaled to any capability size you need for an end use.

The system is easily configurable to allow access to whatever AWS resources your IoT device needs.
Individual keys are used on every device, so that the breach of one IoT device does not impact any other IoT device.

Custom Analytics and device control are also available through AWS services

Credentials are only issued on a temporary basis - configurable from 1 to 24 hours, and renewable anytime. Access is revocable instantly at the AWS console.

This system will be open source available in the near future. Please request a white paper using the EXPY request form. If you are interested in becoming an alpha site, please contact Bizzarri Software through the contact form. While an ideal candidate would like to connect Raspberry Pi to the Amazon cloud, almost any IoT device should work with a full Linux stack.

For more information, please use the EXPY request form EXPY request form using this form page.